Review: Trooper #4


RATING: 14/10

Back in February I went on a trip to Toronto with a friend. I had a blast—Toronto is amazing! Loved everything about it, except for the constant blaring of car horns every time I was outside. Seriously, just yell or flip people off or something! Oh, and I even found a phone booth in a restaurant while I was there.

See? Isn’t it awesome?

The biggest downside was that Toronto is quite a long drive from here. 4-6 hours unable to charge any electronics, unable to use my cell, unable to take a nap because my friend would surely wake me… Wait! I could read!
And that was all the reasoning I needed to buy Noah Chinn’s newer work, Trooper #4.

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Review: Brains: A Zombie Memoir

Zombies are a hot topic nowadays. People love to talk about destroying zombies, fighting off the Zombie Apocalypse, surviving a zombie attack, destroying zombies, and proving that your math teacher in 7th grade was a zombie. They’ve become so popular, in fact, that writers have joined Hollywood in shooting the zombie cash cow. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Zombies, The Zombie Survival Guide, the list goes on. Seriously, just go to or Amazon and do a search for “zombies” in Books. Go do it. I’ll wait.

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