Review: Bleeding Heart Yard

Ah, Halloween. A time for scares, candy, costumes, and—wait, what do you mean it’s November? But I have a review for Halloween! That’s not fair! What am I… oh, yeah. It’s the internet and there are no deadlines. And it’s my blog, so I can totally post a late review.

Let me start off with a question: Do you like romance? What about the supernatural? Magic? A little bit of action? Maybe a dash of horror? Or mystery, I bet you like that, right? What if I told you there is a story out there that combines all of these into a relatively small novel?

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Top 4 Undeveloped Romances

“Only 20 lines of dialogue later, I knew he/she was the one.”

Love is something that doesn’t just happen. Love at first sight isn’t exactly an accurate term to describe how you felt upon first seeing your significant other. You may have felt an attraction. After talking, you probably felt a spark, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t love. Sadly this is something I say is probably a result of the written word—various works have romanticized romance and made it seem like true love could happen overnight. Of course Disney and Hollywood have done nothing to help clear this view, but hey, written works were around first. Note: Keep in mind this list is limited to books that I have read!

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