Never Laugh At Live Dragons: The Hobbit Review

I’m going to spare you all the excuses and stories and just say that I’m bad at this sort of thing, in case you haven’t noticed (I’m starting to think I have commitment issues…).

That aside, let’s cut to the chase shall we?

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Review: Trooper #4


RATING: 14/10

Back in February I went on a trip to Toronto with a friend. I had a blast—Toronto is amazing! Loved everything about it, except for the constant blaring of car horns every time I was outside. Seriously, just yell or flip people off or something! Oh, and I even found a phone booth in a restaurant while I was there.

See? Isn’t it awesome?

The biggest downside was that Toronto is quite a long drive from here. 4-6 hours unable to charge any electronics, unable to use my cell, unable to take a nap because my friend would surely wake me… Wait! I could read!
And that was all the reasoning I needed to buy Noah Chinn’s newer work, Trooper #4.

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Check Out: Another Dracula Sequel

checkRemember that horrible Dracula sequel I reviewed a few months back?
That was rough. Really really rough. And I thought it was only going to get more rough when I received an email from somebody who had worked on that terrible thing.
Alexander Galant, the historical researcher for Dracula: The Un-Dead, did not contact me to bash me for shaming the work, but instead delivered wonderful news.

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