blackandgold My name is Samantha (aka Snarky, and variants of Snarky), and in case the blog didn’t give it away, I adore reading.

And when I say adore, I mean adore. As a child, I was that obnoxious little kid who would run into the room with the picture book that was assigned as homework and insist the nearest adult let me read it to them. My dad would yell at me for reading in the dwindling sunlight because it would ruin my eyesight (ha! A lifted optic nerve was way ahead of me, dad!). I’ve got full bookshelves and still more books floating around my apartment floor in every nook and cranny.

If I could live in a gigantic library for the rest of my life, you better believe I would.

But enough of me stressing the obvious. This entry is about the girl behind the blog!

I’m an English major born and raised in the Midwest. To put bread on the table, I work for an IT company that provides support to hospitals around the country.

Other than being a book hoarder, I am a video game collector, amateur sewist, a budding tattoo addict, a hopelessly dedicated Harry Potter fan, and musical enthusiast.

I dream ridiculous dreams of grandeur and frequently tell my significant other that our future home will have both a full library and a gigantic yard for me to have Gatsby-esque garden parties in every weekend (did I mention I also have the world’s largest soft spot for the look of the 1920’s-1950’s?)

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